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There are many wonderful reasons to re affirm your wedding vows. When we are first married we have may great visions on how we expect our lives will be in 10, 15, 25 or more years. We often have hopes of raising a beautiful family, of owning our own home, securing ourselves a good financial retirement. And with all of these hopes we imagine that our one true love is by our side, holding true our vows we made on that special day. Through sickness and health, richer and poorer, ‘til death does part us. Over the years we grow as a married couple and we change to a degree that we are no longer just one, but part of a union. There are times to test and try us as a couple and there a times of great joy that we share. It is most commonly for these reasons that people chose to reaffirm their wedding vows.

A renewal of vows is most commonly held on a special wedding anniversary. However, there are other reasons a couple may consider a vow renewal. If a couple have been married in an overseas country they may wish to hold another celebration in Australia to allow their friends and family at home to share in their special occasion. In our wonderful multi cultural world this is becoming a common situation.

A couple may also renew wedding vows when they have reunited after a separation. In this busy world, we often lose touch on what we really want from our life and sometimes need our freedom to reflect on our deepest desires. When a couple reunite, after time apart, what better way to affirm your love than a declaration in front of those who are closest to you.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to renew your vows, it is my job and my pleasure to help you create a very personal and unique ceremony that will hold a special place in the hearts and memories of you and those closest to you. A vow renewal can be conducted exactly as a wedding would be or, as it is more of a social occasion it can be designed exactly as the husband and wife wish it to be. Please call me with any questions or to arrange a meeting.

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