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Naming ceremonies have a history almost as old as mankind itself. They have existed longer than Christianity or any other major religion. Almost every culture or religion has some form of ceremony to welcome a child into the world. In ancient Rome, a child was not considered an official part of the family until a naming ceremony was performed (usually by the father). It reminds us of the great responsibility of bring up a child in our community and acknowledges those who share the important role of guiding the child through life. It is also a chance to appoint mentors, guardians or spiritual guides who will pledge their love and promise to guide the child throughout their life.

A naming ceremony gives a child an identity, recognition. By our name we are identified as an individual and as an accepted member of the community. In each and every ceremony, in all cultures and religions, the languages and the customs may be very different but the message is essentially the same “ We welcome you to our life and our community and we promise to do everything in our power to guide and protect you.”

This ceremony is not only for the new arrivals, it can be a great way to reaffirm you commitment to your children when a step parent may be involved. It can also be a very special ceremony to welcome an adopted child to your family.

I find it important to explain that a naming ceremony does not have to replace a christening or any other religious ceremony. Many people see a christening as a welcoming into the religious way of life, where a naming ceremony is a welcoming into our community of family and friends. One isn’t meant to replace the other, they are just different ceremonies and both are to celebrate the life of your child.

No matter your reasons for wanting a Naming ceremony, it is my job and my pleasure to help you create a very personal and unique ceremony that will hold many special memories for you and your family.

During our first meeting we will talk about all of the things that make your child special to you. This meeting will help me achieve a personal understand of you and your family, so as to give me the relevant initial information I require to start structuring your ceremony. Please call me with any questions.

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